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Calling all ambitious small business owners! 

As part of the celebration of our newly-launched website, we are giving away a prize suitable for your current business need. Choose to win one of the following prizes:

1. A brand identity package

Includes two company logo options, a brand colour- and font with style consistency, themes and taglines, business card design, letterhead and e-mail signature design. 

2. A business analysis with a marketing strategy

With this prize we assist you with your business analysis and give you a guide to implement a smart strategy that works! Includes the identification of a buyers, gap analysis and medium-term strategy.

3. Five professionally-compiled social media posts

This prize includes the design & content creation for 5 social media posts to be used on all your social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram)


Enter here

Better-It Marketing is an innovative marketing consultation firm focused on identifying areas in an organisation where change can bring growth.

We identify marketing initiatives that will assist an organisation to have a stronger online presence. Initiatives are aimed at driving targeted audiences to website landing pages to ultimately grow the client database and bottom line. 

Thanks for submitting!

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