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People seldom associate the concepts 'construction' and 'humor'. When asked to describe the construction industry with adjectives, words like 'rugged', 'dusty' or 'tough' often comes to mind.

This perception often boxes in a lot of ideas and concepts to promote this industry's products and services. The truth, however is that concepts outside this 'box' appear so inviting and refreshing to the targeted audience. Concepts like sharp humor that encourages a slight chuckle which leads to an interest in the piece.

Inspired by idioms from the Afrikaans culture, we put together a humor campaign that promotes steel structures to the agricultural industry, especially farmers. 

The effectiveness of this campaign - like with any campaign - relied heavily on closing the marketing loop. This is done using various marketing platforms to convey the same promotional message.


We used four different platforms simultaneously:

Google My Business updates and social media posts steered the digital traffic to a dedicated landing page on The Facebook posts gained more traction given the lighter, less serious tone than LinkedIn.


Since the targeted audience was not all online, we included traditional printed media by placing an advertisement in a well-known South African agricultural magazine. 


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